Governor Deal’s statement on signing of Executive Order addressing Common Core issues

Deal executive order protects students, local control

Gov. Nathan Deal today signed an executive order that prohibits the state from collecting or sharing with the federal government any personally identifiable data on students or their families, that firmly asserts the state’s sovereignty over educational standards and that maintains local control over curriculum and instruction.

“We’re all committed to giving Georgia students the best education possible and preparing them for highly skilled jobs so that they are competitive in the global marketplace,” Deal said. “We can achieve these worthy goals while at the same time protecting student privacy and maintaining local control over how and what we teach Georgia’s children.

“Common Core standards do not require information sharing with the federal government and they do not impose a federal curriculum. This executive order aims to send a clear and unambiguous message that, in Georgia, we will maintain local control over curriculum while working diligently to achieve high educational standards.”

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