Seth Harp sides with Freedomworks, conservative activists against RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields

Via email from Seth Harp, candidate for Chairman, Georgia Republican Party:

I endorse this statement by Freedom Works:

Establishment Republicans just can’t help themselves. Instead of working to defeat Barack Obama’s second term agenda, they continue to verbally assault conservative activists.

At a recent high-level meeting of GOP kingmakers, RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields expressed disdain for grassroots activists – condescendingly and rudely describing them as the “professional right.” He went on to characterize grassroots organizations as “liars.”

Republican political consultants pocketed millions in the last election –and they have absolutely nothing to show for it. Now, these same people are degrading principled activists who do the heavy lifting on the ground. Unbelievable.Grassroots activists deserve thanks and gratitude, not underhanded criticism behind closed doors.

It’s time for establishment Republicans to reexamine their priorities. At my first RNC national meeting as your state Chairman, I will stand up and demand Mike Shields apologize for disparaging hardworking activists, and if he fails to do so, I will move to remove him as RNC Chief of Staff.

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