File under irony: Nancy Jester resigns from DeKalb Board of Education

I say it’s ironic, because through her continuing actions, Nancy Jester proves herself to be the classiest member of the DeKalb County Board of Education and the only one of the six suspended members who is willing to put the interested of the students and parents they are supposed to serve above their own personal interests.

From the AJC Get Schooled blog:

Nancy Jester has resigned her seat on the DeKalb Board of Education. She was suspended, along with her five colleagues. so she was on her way out anyway.

But she is no longer a party — unwilling as she says she was — to the court challenge being led by her former board colleague Eugene Walker. So, while Jester’s actions here may be symbolic, they do undermine the legal fight to stop the suspensions and the appointment of replacements by the governor.

Her decision also helps in the public relations department as DeKalb voters are weary of this drama and want to move on.  Jester seems to have a lot of good will in DeKalb and this act will only enhance her standing, setting her up for a successful return to the board if she chooses to run in the future.  (There is already speculation that she may seek higher office. )

My personal thanks to Nancy Jester and best wishes for a future of public service.

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