Governor Deal signs executive order creating digital learning task force, panel to recommend replacements for Miller County School Board

Governor Nathan Deal signed two executive orders: the first creates a task force to implement digital learning in Georgia’s k-12 schools; the second creates a panel to recommend nominees to replace members removed from the Miller County school board.

“Students need to develop technical literacy in order to attain 21st century skills and become competitive in the global marketplace, and our state will invest in that education,” said Deal. “We must increase the quality and quantity of our digital learning opportunities to ensure that our students are college or career ready.”

The Digital Learning Task Force will recommend ways to improve student achievement through the creation of robust digital learning environments, which may include the transition to digital textbooks and the effective use of wireless mobile devices. The task force will have 10 members named by the governor. They will include two superintendents, a state representative, a state senator, a district-level content specialist and business leaders who rely on a technically competent workforce.

The Miller County School Board Nominating Committee will include three members of the state Board of Education, including the member from the congressional district that encompasses Miller County. The school board chair will select the other two members, and the state superintendent will serve as an ex-officio member. The action derives from the state Board of Education’s recommendation that the governor remove and replace all members of the Miller County school board.

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