David Perdue: Blasts Nunn & Obama’s Political Ebola Czar

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From David Perdue US Senate 

19 Oct  Agenda-Petition

Perdue Blasts Nunn & Obama’s Political Ebola Czar

The White House recently announced that on Wednesday, President Obama will appoint Washington lobbyist and former chief of staff to Vice President Biden, Ron Klain, as the “Ebola Czar.” Republican Senate candidate, David Perdue, released the following statement on this partisan appointment:

“The American people are concerned about Ebola, but President Obama is more concerned about doling out favors to his political allies. It is this sort of insider behavior that Georgians are fed up with in Washington, and it makes us less safe as a nation. Instead of selecting someone with a medical background and the right experience, the President hand-picked a partisan lobbyist serving as Michelle Nunn’s senior advisor. The fact that Michelle Nunn believes a partisan Washington lobbyist is the right choice for this position only further demonstrates her deference to the President’s judgment on such important issues. (more…)

Sen. Johnny Isakson: Calls on IRS to Take Decisive Action to Tackle Tax Refund Fraud

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From Senator Johnny Isakson 


Isakson Calls on IRS to Take Decisive Action to Tackle Tax Refund Fraud

Bipartisan Group of Senators Urges Agency to Make Fraud Prevention Top Priority

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., this week joined a bipartisan group of 15 senators, including seven members of the Senate Finance Committee, in calling on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen to update Congress on the agency’s efforts to prevent tax refund fraud using stolen identities.

“Tax fraud costs hardworking Americans billions of dollars and further undermines taxpayers’ confidence in our tax system,” said Isakson, a member of the Senate Finance Committee. “Targeted action by the IRS to stop the flood of identity theft-related fraudulent refunds is critically important. I look forward to Commissioner Koskinen’s response on what steps are being taken to combat this serious problem.”

As Georgia ranks second highest in the country in the number of fraudulent tax refund claims, Isakson has continually pressed the IRS on the critical need to combat identity theft-related fraudulent refunds. Tax fraud puts innocent taxpayers at risk for audits, multiple layers of bureaucracy and refund delays averaging 18 months. (more…)

via Gov. Nathan Deal: Yarbrough: Deal’s Plans For Education Should Be Taken Seriously

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From Governor Nathan Deal


Deal Leadership

In his syndicated column today, Dick Yarbrough says Gov. Nathan Deal’s reform and for his second term “could change the face of public education for decades to come.” In the interview, Deal outlined his vision for education reforms in his second term. Building off the success of the Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform, Deal will form a special education task force, including educators, school superintendents, administrators and other stakeholders, to study and offer solutions for public education reforms, including:

  • Updating our current funding formula to meet student needs and the demands of a 21st century classroom
  • Exploring ways to save students from failing schools
  • Advancing efforts to ensure students read at grade level
  • Keeping our best educators in the classroom

Yarbrough, a one-time adviser to Gov. Joe Frank Harris, helped craft the 1984 Quality Basic Education formula.

Read more below or click here. (more…)

David Perdue: Obama Confirms Michelle Nunn’s Support For His Failed Policies

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From David Perdue US Senate

20 Oct Nunn Obama

Obama Confirms Michelle Nunn’s Support For His Failed Policies

President Obama recently admitted that Michelle Nunn is fully on board with his agenda, when he told MSNBC’s Al Sharpton that Democrat candidates in states that he lost (like Georgia) “are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me, and I tell them, you know what, you do what you need to do to win.

This statement comes on the heels of Obama reminding the country that his “policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.” That includes Georgia.

Michelle Nunn’s own campaign plan exposed that she was “too liberal,” for Georgia, and her recent support for Obama’s agenda proves her plan was accurate. (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: Badcock To Locate New Distribution Center To LaGrange

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Deal Leadership

Deal: Badcock to locate new distribution center to LaGrange

Furniture retailer will employ more than 100 at new Troup County facility, invest $22 million

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that W.S. Badcock Corp., one of the largest privately held furniture retailers in the United States, will construct a new regional distribution center in LaGrange, investing $22 million and employing more than 100.

“Badcock’s new regional distribution center is an excellent addition to Troup County,” said Deal. “This expansion is a testament our state’s top-ranked business climate, and I have no doubt that Georgia’s skilled workforce and globally recognized logistics infrastructure will support future growth and success.”

The 535,000-square-foot facility will be located at the Callaway South Industrial Park in LaGrange and is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2015. The project will include enhanced energy efficiency technologies and is designed for expansion to 700,000 square feet. This facility will replace two existing facilities in Thomson and Cullman, Ala. (more…)

How Democratic GOTV works

From a reader report:

Just saw a white van drop 6 people off at the Gwinnett voter registration office where early voting is and the driver told all the passengers to remember to vote for Carter and Nunn as 5-6 other people who were waiting to be picked up climbed in the van.

Hecht campaign caught lying about Sheriffs’ endorsements?

Hecht Fabricates Sheriff Endorsements

Late Friday, the campaign of Democrat Greg Hecht rolled out a false press release claiming 37 Georgia sheriffs had “switched” from backing Attorney General Sam Olens. After multiple news outlets ran the story, listed sheriffs began contacting both campaigns to complain. As the sheriffs have called the Hecht campaign to demand their name be taken off, the number he claims continues to change daily.

“I’m proud to support Sam Olens and I am shocked that his opponent claimed to have my endorsement,” said Lanier County Sheriff Nick Norton. “Sam is a friend and has done a tremendous job as Attorney General helping my office of Sheriff here in South Georgia with many criminal cases. Sam has always had my full support and my endorsement.”

Mike Dewey, Sheriff, Brooks County, said “I don’t know why Attorney General Sam Olens’ opponent would falsely list my name as switching my endorsement. Sam Olens has proven himself as a friend and supporter of Georgia’s law enforcement efforts and has always had my full support.”

Sheriffs confirming to the Olens’ campaign that Hecht fabricated their endorsement to date, include: Sheriff Nick Norton, Lanier County; Sheriff Mike Dewey, Brooks County; Sheriff Josh Hilton, Calhoun County; Floyd County; Sheriff Neal Walden, White County; Sheriff Thomas, Pike County; Sheriff Young, Grady County; Sheriff Kight, Toombs County; Sheriff Peterson, Clinch County; Sheriff Thomas, Franklin County and Sheriff Nobles, Long County. One of the “switchers” listed was not on the Olens’ list to begin with.

Additional names listed on the original press release have also been redacted from the current list on the website.

“It is shameful that someone this fundamentally dishonest could run for the state’s top legal office. In his failed lieutenant governor’s campaign eight years ago, Hecht’s tactics were so deceptive and corrupt; one Atlanta newspaper actually revoked its endorsement,” said campaign spokesperson Sheri Kell.